Dental Dams

About Elastomade Accessories Sdn Bhd


ELASTOMADE ACCESSORIES SDN.BHD has been in operation since 1989. It is ISO 9001-2008/ISO 13485-2012 certified company and follows a strict quality system in all its operations.


The Company produces dental dams, exercise bands (both latex and latex free), latex loop bands, latex sheeting for latex garment fabrication, tourniquets and custom made products like CPR rescue breathers, etc. and also carries latex tubing and other items related to rehabilitation/fitness sectors like Twist N Flex Bars, Finger Web, Gym Balls, Gym Mats and Trampolines in its range of products

Apart from the above mentioned quality systems, it holds true to its conviction of its corporate/social responsibilities and has gone through several social/safety/regulatory audits carried out by some of its multi-national clientele.


Product Highlights:


Dental Dam
Royal Shield latex dental dams are available in both powdered and powder free versions. The dam is used as a barrier during endodontic and other restorative procedures. Our dental dams are available in rainbow & traditional green, blue or dusk colours, either in precut 5x5, 6x6 or in long length roll form. It has been formulated to have a very good tearing resistance to prevent pre-mature tearing while isolating the tooth/teeth before the actual procedure.

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Exercise/Fitness/Rehab Bands
Precut short length bands are very convenient to use anytime/anywhere for a whole range of workout routine, while 25-45 metre rolls cater to gyms and rehab facilities where the required length can be dispensed therefrom. The band has been formulated to confer superior snapping resistance during use under tension, even when a cut is introduced on purpose (see video clip under section 02). It is available under our house brand or OEM and can have any logo printed either at regular intervals or in isolation anywhere on the band itself.

A recent addition is the latex free exercise band which is totally devoid of Type I or Type IV allergy issues. Typically for the same resistance level, this latex free band is made thicker but narrower than its natural latex counter-part.

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Loop Band
This is a product made by layering thin sections of the latex sheeting until the required thickness is attained. It can be made to a length (lay-flat-length or LFL) suitable for full body exercises, or shorter for upper torso or just leg exercises. It is derived from the same formulation as the normal flat band and thus features the same superior tearing/snapping resistance attributes.

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Latex Fashion Sheeting
The latex fashion sheeting is produced to 1 metre width with thicknesses ranging from 0.2mm to 1.1mm and supplied in 10 metre rolls. It has a rough underside to facilitate gluing while the top side can be polished to a high degree of glossy finish using our liquid polish. Numerous colours are available (subject to MOQ), from translucent amber, red, black and others to several metallic hues. Custom printing services of floral or other designs are available.

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Latex Tubing
Latex tubing has a large variety of applications. It has become increasingly popular as an exercise/physiotherapy device.

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Die-Cut Profiles
Die cut profiles of any shape, thickness up to 5mm and size up to a foot-print of 800mm x 400mm can be arranged.


Other Rehab/Fitness Related Products

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