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High quality Royal Shield powdered and powder free latex dental dams are formulated with superior tearing resistance in mind. Tearing at the punched hole(s) is a major source of frustration for dental health practitioners when isolating the target tooth/teeth during a procedure, but our dam with its superior tear resistance puts paid to that. Extractable latex protein is removed to a level near to its detectable limit for powder free dams. The dams are available in four different gauges and packed in boxes of 36pcs x 6x6 or 52pcs x 5x5. It can also be supplied in 50 metre roll form if so required.
The dental dams are produced to the specification shown below:-
Specification-Premier Powder-Free Latex Dental Dams
Material : Medium modulus natural latex vulcanizate
Sizes : 127 x 127(+/-3)mm & 152 x 152(+/-3)mm
Gauge (mm) :
Thin Medium Heavy X-Heavy
0.125-0.175 0.175-0.228 0.228-0.305 0.305-0.350
Tensile Strength (Mpa) : Before aging = minimum 26
after aging # = minimum 14
Ultimate Elongation (%)

Tear Resistance
: Before aging = minimum 750
After aging = minimum 400

Quality Standards : Complies with USA Commercial Item Description #A-A-53986
Denotation : # Aged at 100c for 22 hours
Allergenic Skin Sensitization Tests Results
1. Primary Skin Irritation Dental dams found to be
2. Guinea Pig Sensitization (BUEHLER) Dental dams found to be
3. Repeated Insult Patch Test On Human Subjects Dental dams confirmed to be
4. Extracted Protein Content Below FDA allowable claim limit of 50ug/ dm2
5. Particulate Content Below 2 mg/sheet
Contact Sensitizer Exclusion : Proven contact sensitizer, not necessarily limited to the following,are generally not detectable
Royal Shield Powder Free Dental Dams :
- Zinc mercaptobenzothiazole
- Zinc dibutyldithiocarbamate, Zinc Diethly ditiocarbamate or other carbamates
- Thiurams eg. Tetramethylthiuram disulfide
- Tjiourea or its derivatives
- Paraphenylenediamine type antioxidants like IPPD, DPPD etc.
- Any other amine type antioxidants eg. Polymerized 1,2-dihydro-2,2,4-trimethyl quinoline
- Phenolic type antioxidants, eg Wingstay L, Antioxidant 2246 etc.
Denotation : Using water extraction and TLC Qualitative analysis
Test results on file