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02.. Exercise/Fitness Band

Since the band is to be used in tension under normal circumstances, and in order to help avert probable injury during its use, we invested in R&D efforts on our latex exercise band product and came up with a formulation that confers superior tearing* and snapping* resistance compared to other brand names in the market. Our tear test result per ASTM D624 routinely exceeds competitorsí» by way over 50%! Such high tearing resistance manifests itself in exhibiting superior snapping resistance under tension as well, as demonstrated in the video clip below, where sample X(yellow band) is from a reputable brand name and sample Y(light blue band) is our own. Both X and Y samples are of the same thickness. In this demo, both the samples simultaneously received a small cut with a pair of scissors (since in real life, there may already be a cut on the band not known to the end user) before stretching and the end result is self-evident.
(*not applicable for very old bands, and those that have been exposed outdoors over considerable period of time or abused bands)
Physical properties aside, due care is taken during manufacturing to ensure the removal as much as possible of latex protein by way of thorough hot water leaching. This step is taken to curtail the chance of sensitizing end users to latex protein as well as residual latex compounding chemicals.
For those already sensitized to latex protein, we have an alternative latex free material which is completely free from protein as well as the usual compounding ingredients encountered in natural latex formulations. Our latex free exercise band is thus totally devoid of Type I (protein allergy) or Type IV (allergy from certain compounding chemicals) allergy issues. Owing to its inherent molecular structure, it is a challenge to enhance its tearing/snapping resistance to a level close to that of its natural latex counterpart. It is thus normally made thicker but narrower to arrive at a similar resistance level as the latex version.

Latex Exercise Band
Latex Free Exercise Bands
Our exercise bands are available in precut short length ranging from 1.2M to 2.5M or in long lengths as 25M to 45M in rolls, be they plain or with logo printing. We also cater to premium gift product sector with custom logo printing as shown below.

Customized Logo Prints on Precut Bands
The latex loop bands have been a relatively new addition to the exercise/fitness sector but they have since gained a great deal of traction as a versatile exercise device vis-a vis the conventional flat bands. We can supply a whole range of length (LFL or lay-flat-length), thickness, width and colors to cater to both novice and professional athletes.

Latex Loop Bands
For more serious athletes and regular fitness fiends who tend to sustain connective tissues and joint inflammation, our latex/latex free floss bands when applied to the prone parts helps to prevent inflammation, improve mobility and strength. This product normally comes in a length of 7 feet (2 metres) with a width of 2 inches (5cm) and in thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 2mm depending on the targeted muscles/joints.

Latex/latex free Floss Band