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03.. Latex Sheeting

Latex sheeting for garment fabrication is produced to any required colour subject to applicable MOQ, and with thicknesses ranging from 0.25mm to 1.1mm in 1M x 10M rolls. It has a smooth upper side that can be polished to a very high degree of gloss, and a faintly roughened under-side to facilitate gluing during the fabrication stage. More than 30 colours are available, including some attractive metallic sheens. To complement the sheeting products are our latex glue and liquid polish to make us the one-stop shop for the latex garment sector. Customized printing can be arranged as below.
Latex Glue & Liquid Polish  Printed Sheeting
Other products that can be made from the latex sheeting are CPR rescue breathers (latex or latex free), tourniquets (latex or latex free), mold lining for cast concrete profiles, etc