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  1. Latex & Latex Free Bands.
  • In Rolls & in flat sheets
  • Packed in Boxes or in Poly bags
  • with or without perforation
  1. Latex Loops Bands
  • Mini Loops
  • Super Loops
  • Packed in Boxes or Pack with Polybags
  • Packed in mesh bags.

Since the band is to be used in tension under normal circumstances, and in order to help avert probable injury during its use, we invested in R&D efforts on our latex exercise band product and came up with a formulation that confers superior tearing* and snapping* resistance compared to other brand names in the market. Our tear test result per ASTM D624 routinely exceeds competitors’ by way over 50%! Such high tearing resistance manifests itself in exhibiting superior snapping resistance under tension as well, as demonstrated in the video clip below, where sample X(yellow band) is from a reputable brand name and sample Y(light blue band) is our own. Both X and Y samples are of the same thickness. In this demo, both the samples simultaneously received a small cut with a pair of scissors (since in real life, there may already be a cut on the band not known to the end user) before stretching and the end result is self-evident.


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