Latex Dental Dams

General Details
  • 5 inc x 5 inc squares or  6 inc x 6 inc squares
  • Traditional color  dams
  • Rainbow Color  dams
  • Packed in Box of 36 pcs  for  6×6   or 52 pcs in a  box  for 5×5 inc  dams

High quality Royal Shield powdered and powder free Custom latex dental dams are formulated with superior tearing resistance in mind. Tearing at the punched hole(s) is a major source of frustration for dental health practitioners when isolating the target tooth/teeth during a procedure, but our dam with its superior tear resistance puts paid to that. Extractable latex protein is removed to a level near to its detectable limit for powder free dams. The dams are available in four different gauges and packed in boxes of 36pcs x 6”x6” or 52pcs x 5”x5”. It can also be supplied in 50 metre roll form if so required.

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